San Diego DUI Laws

Driving under the influence, or DUI, is the law that prohibits driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated. In many states a person is charged with DUI when he is found driving with a blood alcohol concentration over .08% or .10 %. Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is the percentage of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream. In most places a BAC limit is set under which people can legally drive motor vehicles. Therefore, a driver’s BAC is used to determine guilt in cases of driving under the influence. A person driving under the influence of drugs may also be charged with DUI, even if the drugs are prescribed. San Diego DUI is a legal resource for the accused to counter the influence of extremist groups advocating unfair laws, the destruction of constitutional rights and a new era of prohibition.

An arrest for DUI can be made at any blood alcohol level. Some counties routinely prosecute people with blood alcohol levels below .08% BAC. Often the decision to arrest depends upon the performance on the field sobriety tests (balance and coordination) and the driving pattern (weaving, speeding or an accident, etc.). An officer can arrest for simply being under the influence of alcohol or drugs with no reference to your blood alcohol level at all! The District Attorney would then file a 23152(a) CVC charge, which is simply driving under the influence of alcohol. Again, this would likely be based on the police observations of your driving pattern and performance on field sobriety tests.

If the person charged with DUI is having a hard time finding a lawyer, then he can immediately call 1-800-DUI-laws and a lawyer will be provided to him in no time. If the person doesn’t like his attorney then he can contact DUI laws directly at 818-884-8075 and another attorney will be found for him. The person will not be charged to speak to a lawyer about his case; the initial consultation charge is absolutely free.

The court will generally count prior DUI convictions against a person. If the law is substantially similar to the law in San Diego then a previous DUI can be used against the person, thereby increasing the penalties (jail time, greater fines and longer alcohol programs, etc.).