Know the Cases Why DUI in San Diego is Rampant and How to Avoid Arrests

Driving in California is still a thrill especially when going to places that are scenic, romantic, historical and entertaining. Sometimes it’s the journey that is more important than the destination itself. After all, in a sense, we are travelers spending time in a certain place, learning from it, and perhaps leaving our own sense of understanding and a little mark in the places we have visited. One thing we don’t want to leave though is a permanent mark on our record when it comes to Driving Under the Influence or DUI. Though the laws against DUI are very strong, it is for a good reason. The amount of cases of DUI related fatalities has decreased over the last couple of years especially in California. In San Diego, for instance, data from the summer season showed that though there were around 1100 arrests during that period, there were no recorded fatalities which were DUI related. That is a good sign.

Cases for DUI in San Diego are rampant for many reasons. As one of the southernmost places in California, San Diego has a reputation for good weather in the sense that it is warm in the day and cool in the evenings. This has made San Diego a great weekend getaway place for a lot of Southern Californians. Though this is great for business and tourism, sometimes some vacationers may have one too many or have gone beyond the legal limit of alcohol intake. The other more apparent reason is that San Diego is the border between California and Tijuana Mexico and because of this situation; it attracts a lot of young college people during their spring, summer, and Christmas breaks. A lot of people do party hard and heavy and perhaps too much partying may lead to an unnecessary drive back to the States where drunk driving laws are so different from its neighboring country.

Here are some tips to avoid being stopped over for suspected DUI in San Diego:

– Plan your trip. Planning includes who is the designated driver on certain days. While everyone can party, there should always be one sober person that is in charge of the driving on a certain day.

– If you have to drink, make sure that there is enough time for you to pass out the alcohol. The general rule of thumb is to wait at least 5 hours after you finished your second glass of wine or third bottle of beer. If you only drank a glass of wine, or two bottles of beer, then waiting for at least 3 hours should suffice.

– Never ever bribe the police officer. This could actually complicate things as everything is videotaped these days. Instead, be cordial and friendly with them but know your rights. A field sobriety test is a voluntary test which you can refuse. Breath Analyzer tests and Urine tests are subject to contention and can be refuted in court.