Get a DUI Attorney in San Diego to Avoid DUI Arrests

Driving under the Influence or DUI is a very serious offense. If you are arrested under this citation means that you have failed either a field sobriety test, or urine, breath analyzer or blood alcohol level test given by the police. A DUI conviction means that you will either serve time and pay a fee and have a permanent record which is something we don’t want to have.

DUI arrests have been rampant especially in California where the best mode of transportation is by car. The wide highways and long distances, as well as easy access to vehicles, make it both a nice place to drive and an easy target for cops to look for suspicious moving vehicles. Those that seem to swerve or are moving too quickly will easily be pulled over and from that moment on, the driver may be grilled about his driving methods and perhaps asked to take a field sobriety test. What many don’t know is that a field sobriety test is something that is voluntarily done and those who are aware of this situation may refuse to take the field test. If asked to, the driver may take another form of test. One may take the breath analyzer test or the urine test. These tests may have its form of inconsistencies as well. If a person has burped or regurgitated, he is allowed at least 15 minutes before taking the breath analyzer test. This is to insure that the test is not tainted as acids from the burp may affect the test. Also, the urine test may also be not as reliable and may not be upheld in court.

San Diego for instance has around 16000 cases of DUI instances being held every year. This city is notorious for having a high amount of DUI cases because of its proximity to the Mexican Border and in that instance, there is an assumption that those Americans coming from the border, especially in the early mornings or after long weekend, may have had one drink too many. In such instances, finding a DUI attorney in San Diego is the best option for those who are arrested. A specialized DUI attorney from San Diego knows the ins and outs of such an arrest and is a great resource for anyone arrested from getting convicted. These attorneys will look into the procedure and process of how the evidence was obtained and may find something that may be of use in your defense.

It is always better to be sober and avoid drinking altogether before driving and if you do drink, make sure that there is enough time before you sober up.