San Diego: Fun in the Sun

The moment you see your first palm tree, you know you’re some place fun and exciting, and that’s exactly how I’d describe San Diego. From the sheer number of exhilarating places to visit, such as Sea World, to the natural beauty of the California beaches, San Diego offers a warm, relaxing, and entertaining place to visit. To make things even better, San Diego offers a wide selection of unique bed and breakfasts, including many that offer a unique Spanish architecture and a romantic, old world charm.

San Diego is California’s second largest city, offering a world of entertainment and a million beaches to enjoy the sun. There are bed and breakfasts located near the beach, for easy access, and others located near the border. After all, it’s only a short drive to Tijuana, where you can experience Mexico’s luxury for yourself. San Diego’s plethora of bed and breakfasts span all styles and tastes. From traditional bed and breakfasts, to lavish Spanish themed fiestas that serve authentic Mexican breakfasts each morning, there’s no shortage of variety when it comes to their bed and breakfasts.

Whatever it is you’re looking for on your vacation, San Diego can provide it. For those on a family vacation, the San Diego Zoo and Sea World offer two great attractions that you and your family won’t soon forget. There are hundreds of great family destinations to choose from, including theme parks, museums, and hot air balloon rides, making San Diego a perfect destination for your whole family.

For those who enjoy sports, San Diego is known for its excellent golfing, with over 90 courses available in the region. Of course since San Diego is located near the beach, it is the perfect place to catch a wave on your surf board. Combine all those activities with professional baseball and football teams in the area, and every sports fan will have something to enjoy all year long.

Now, if you’re there for the nightlife, you definitely won’t be disappointed either. There are many gourmet restaurants, and other establishments open late, and located near San Diego’s pristine beaches. Not to mention the close proximity to Tijuana and the hundreds of bars and clubs located in and around the San Diego area. There are many live musical acts nightly, and a large number of authentic gourmet Mexican restaurants that will leave your taste buds in ecstasy.

So if you’re considering taking a trip to San Diego, you won’t be disappointed. With its beautiful beaches and multitude of fun and exciting activities, there’s no shortage of things that will keep you from wanting to come back to San Diego again and again. With its Spanish influence, and large number of high quality bed and breakfasts, you’re sure to stay in luxury the entire time. And since San Diego’s located so close to the border, you’ll be able to take a trip to Mexico and experience life down south with only a short drive back to your room. So what are you waiting for, come have some fun in the sun. You’ll love it!

Tips for an Enjoyable Round of Golf in San Diego

San Diego is blessed with fantastic weather all year long. Sunny days and warm weather are what most people picture when they think of America’s Finest City.

A little planning will help make your golf outing in San Diego as enjoyable as possible.

While San Diego has a very temperate climate, temperatures can vary greatly from the coast to the east county. A pleasant day in the mid 70’s on the coast can easily be a day in the high 90’s inland. Knowing the expected temperature where your course is located may influence your decision to ride or walk the course, the type of clothing you’ll wear and the time of day you’ll be playing. If you’re willing to brave the heat in the summer, you can find some great deals on green fees in San Diego’s east county.

Not every golf course has a driving range, especially the executive and par 3 courses. If its important to you that you be able to warm up with a bucket of balls before your round, check with your course before you head out. If they don’t have a driving range you’ll probably be able to find one right on your route to the course so you can get your warm up in.

If you’re in the North County, don’t overlook San Clemente Golf Course. Located in Orange County, San Clemente Golf Course can often be as close a drive as other courses in San Diego. With their peak rate at $41, San Clemente offers a well cared for golf course with diverse holes and a new club house, making it a great golf value.

When you head out, don’t forget to dress in layers and bring lots of sunscreen. Days in San Diego can start off cool, get very warm and then cool off again. A warm top in the morning and evenings will help you stay warm, and sunscreen will help with the mid day sun.

And don’t forget to bring lots of water. While most courses offer refreshments, if budget is a concern, bring plenty of water with you.

A little planning can go a long way. Use these tips to enjoy a great round of golf in San Diego.

San Diego DUI Lawyer

A San Diego DUI lawyer and defense team are used to describe the team of attorney’s, paralegal’s, and other professionals that come together to defend you from a DUI or drunk driving related offense here in San Diego.

San Diego has one of the highest rates of DUI arrests in the nation for the population size. The city has dramatically stepped up DUI patrols and checkpoints in the areas known for a ‘party’ type atmosphere. Some speculate that the increased vigilance on DUI enforcement has been due in part to San Diego’s fiscal difficulties. It is known that the city is in a bit of a financial bind and looking for ways to bring in more revenue.

Anyway you look at it, if you’re arrested for a drunk driving charge you’ll want to ensure that your San Diego DUI lawyer and defense team has experience fighting and winning cases here in this city. San Diego has a lot of different DUI firms who do a lot of advertising so choosing the right defense team can be a difficult task. We’ll discuss how to decide which DUI lawyer to represent you.

First, you’ll want to ensure that the DUI defense team you select will actually end up being the same team working on your behalf… beware of the ‘bait and switch’ tactic where you think you’re getting the lawyers with the great reputations- but then you end up with a brand new bar admitted lawyer with no real experience handling your case after you agree to allow the firm to represent you. To avoid this simply ask them during the initial consultation who will be physically be handling this case. Make sure you speak with whoever that is.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that the DUI lawyers you select have experience working with the San Diego District Attorney’s office and more importantly they have a great working relationship with the San Diego District Attorney’s office.

Last thing to make sure is that the firm only handles DUI cases here in San Diego and no where else. Make sure that that they spend their time here in SD; so that you know they have good relationships and experience.